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Repairing and saving your natural tooth are always the top priorities, but when that's not possible, extracting the damaged or decaying tooth can be the only alternative solution.

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When a tooth becomes damaged from disease, infection, or even an accident from daily use, it can sometimes be repaired by a dentist through a filling, crown, or root canal. However, when the damage to the tooth is severe, it may not be repairable, at which point you will most likely require a tooth extraction. Many people don't like the idea of having a tooth extracted, especially adult teeth that are more permanent and noticeable when missing. Fortunately, at Oral Surgery Hawaii, we will discuss your options for replacement with you while we go over your extraction.

The videos below feature some of our past extraction patients discussing their experience having teeth removed. Additionally, many of these patients also chose to replace their extracted teeth with dental implants so as not to worry about missing teeth. To hear from these patients about the ease of the extraction procedure, we encourage you to watch these testimonials.

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When tooth decay, injuries, or other conditions leave a tooth damaged beyond repair, the oral surgeons at Oral Surgery Hawaii can remove your tooth at our offices in Honolulu, Aiea, and Kaneohe, HI. Our staff emphasizes your comfort, health, and safety for every procedure, and your surgeon will evaluate your condition to determine whether or not you need an extraction before starting your treatment process.

Sometimes your dentist can restore a damaged tooth using dental fillings, root canals, or other procedures, but in other cases, this is not possible. If you need to have a tooth extracted to preserve your oral health, our surgeons also offer dental implants to replace your missing teeth permanently.

Why do I need a dental extraction?

There are a few conditions that can lead to the need for a tooth extraction. Below are a few of the most common conditions that lead to dental extractions:

Some of the causes of dental extractions, such as dental decay and periodontal disease, can be prevented through regular oral hygiene habits and dental exams.

After Dental Extractions

Teeth that are damaged or failing are often very painful and distracting, and many patients feel relieved after they have a tooth removed. If you are looking for a way to replace your tooth, your oral surgeon can discuss your tooth replacement options before your extraction. Patients who choose to receive dental implants can sometimes have an implant or a bone graft placed during the same procedure as the extraction.

Tooth Extractions at Oral Surgery Hawaii

Our practice offers dental extractions at our offices in Honolulu, Aiea, and Kaneohe, HI. Dr. Craig Yamamoto, Dr. Blake Kitamura, Dr. Eva Kiezik, Dr. Thomas Yamamoto, and Dr. Michael Hironaka are all experts at administering local anesthesia (and IV sedation for more extensive procedures) to make you feel comfortable throughout your procedure. If you would like to learn more about tooth extractions at our practice, feel free to contact one of our offices for more information.