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Meet Keola

Dr. Kitamura’s bedside manner helped reassure him during his extraction.

I went to see my dentist initially, and he didn't find anything wrong with the pain that I was having in my mouth, so I went to the ER. They couldn't find anything either. I came to see Dr. Kitamura; he found that the tooth was cracked, and I needed it extracted. Throughout the whole process — the extraction — Dr. Kitamura kept [asking], "Are you okay?" It was really reassuring. It ended up being less painful than I thought it would be. When I got the implant in, I was told that there would be probably six to eight weeks where it wouldn't really feel natural. Within three hours, it felt natural. The implant doctor told me that it's because of the way Dr. Kitamura — the stem that he put in, or the implant that he put in, was near perfect. You absolutely have to check out Oral Surgery Hawaii.

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