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Meet Dr. Young

He refers to our doctors because of their professionalism and compassion.

I refer to Oral Surgery Hawaii because they're very professional, very thorough in everything they do. They treat my patients very, very well. A lot of my patients have come back with nothing but compliments about Oral Surgery Hawaii. We like to refer to Dr. Kitamura and Dr. Yamamoto because they do such a fantastic job. Our patients definitely benefit from the communication between the doctors because they have a better experience, they know exactly what they're going into, they know exactly what the outcome is going to be. As a general dentist, our patients are like family to us. We are there for them throughout our lifetime and hopefully throughout their lifetime, so whoever we refer to as far as whatever procedures need to be done, we put all of our trust in them. And I definitely put all of my trust in Dr. Kitamura and Dr. Yamamoto. I definitely plan on continuing referring all my cases to Dr. Yamamoto and Dr. Kitamura.

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