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Meet Dr. Yasuhara

He enjoys referring to our doctors because his patients always give positive feedback.

As far as implants go, I think Dr. Yamamoto probably has done, or placed, the most I think in Hawaii. We always try to interview our patients to see how their experiences went with our referrals because our referrals are a direct reflection on us, and we've had only positive reviews. A hundred percent of the time, when they come back and I ask how the experience was it's always been positive. There's been almost zero post-operative sensitivity, and I ask 'would you do it again' — they say without a doubt. No hesitation. If I needed an implant or if my wife needed an implant, Dr. Yamamoto is who I would like to have it placed by. I will only refer to Oral Surgery Hawaii. I think they're the best, and they offer the best product, best quality, and we trust them implicitly.

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