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Meet Dr. Ishikawa

He knows he can trust our doctors to take good care of his patients.

Most of the cases that I'm referring are patients that get referred to me to do a root canal and are in severe pain. And my cases are usually non-restorable or not savable, so I will usually send it to Dr. Yamamoto or Dr. Kitamura for an extraction — hopefully planning for an implant in the future. When I refer it out, it's somebody that I need to be able to trust, that are going to take really good care of my patients. You know the type of person that Dr. Yamamoto really is. He really cares for his patients, and just that type of quality knowledge and the amount of knowledge he has. I know Dr. Kitamura from college — I actually went to college together with him — so I think I got to know him on a very personal level. I know that they'll take good care of them [the patients] and that they'll do the highest quality care.

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