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Meet Dr. Hirota

He refers to our office because he knows he can expect excellent implant care.

Dr. Yamamoto and Kitamura have always serviced all my patients very well. We go through the same system all the time, so it's like clockwork. We know exactly what to do, and Dr. Yamamoto's staff knows exactly what to do also. Dr. Yamamoto in Honolulu is, and probably throughout the country, is probably one of the preeminent oral surgeons concerning implant placement. And my referral of a family member to this practice is testament to his expertise and professionalism. And I feel very strongly that both Dr. Yamamoto and Dr. Kitamura are excellent oral surgeons, especially implant placement oral surgeons. As long as I'm practicing — I'll hopefully be retiring pretty soon — but I will be referring 'till the day I retire.

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