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Meet Dr. Chow

He has confidence that we will provide excellent care to both his patients and his family.

I refer my patients to Oral Surgery Hawaii because I know that my patients expect the best. Clinically, they are superb, and I know that they will always put the patient first. I typically refer implant placement to Oral Surgery Hawaii as well as very difficult wisdom teeth extractions. I also refer to them bone grafts (patients who need bone grafts) and any other questions I have about cancer screenings. My younger brother — I just referred here about last week; he had four wisdom teeth taken out by Dr. Blake Kitamura. He was doing fine the next day. He came in today for a post-op, and that's really a good reflection that I will send my own family and friends here. Patients are like gold in Hawaii. As you know, Hawaii is a very small place, and everyone knows everyone. I really base my practice upon relationship and trust, and by me sending a patient to a specialist means I have full confidence in them, so it's very important to me. Yes, I will always refer my patients to Oral Surgery Hawaii.

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